Where can I find good freelancing projects that pay well?

That's a quote from one of our users — and we see it asked a lot.

Building up a regular stream of well paying projects is the most important aspect to freelancing or running an agency.

You have to search for these projects, it takes many hours.. every week.

  • What are the best websites to find work?
  • Where can I find the best clients?
  • How much time should I spend searching for new projects?
  • How can I look for new projects when im busy with current work?
  • I don't want to "bid" for projects, is there a better way?
  • How do I stop spells of no work?
  • And did I miss any high paying projects this week?

To answer these questions, you need to build up years of experience. But you don't want to wait years, right? Surprisingly, you will soon realize that finding the best clients takes a lot of time, every day. You will be wasting valuable time filtering through hundreds of project listings daily, across hundreds of websites. Great projects are the 1%, and you are frantically looking for the next.

This is the freelancers biggest dilemma. How much time to spend working on projects, and how much time to actually look for the next one.

What if you are looking in the wrong places, getting bad projects? Not only are you wasting your valuable time, you also arn't getting paid what you are worth...

What if the best projects where found for you?

...Finally I no longer have to worry about filling my work pipeline

“I have only been using FreelanceLeads for a month now, but the quality of leads has been really very good. I have started 2 projects which have come from the leads sent to me (in the first month!). Finally I no longer have to worry about filling my work pipeline, I can let FreelanceLeads do it for me!”

Mike LoganWordpress Developer

How much easier would freelancing be if finding well paying clients was done for you?


  • You wouldn't have to scan job board websites everyday.
  • Your current work would get completed quicker.
  • Your work pipeline would be full.
  • You could take on projects you like (not just because you need the money).
  • You could earn more!

Sounds good, right? What if finding clients was as simple as checking your emails, or logging in and seeing a curated list of only the best work available online currently?

What if you had a personal lead finding assistant... now you can!

...been using FreelanceLeads for 3 months and just scored a 5 figure project from one of the leads provided.

We have been successfully freelancing for over 7 years, and the worst part was finding work!

Spending hours and hours searching online for that next big project was a painful process, but one we mastered very early on in our freelancing career - allowing us to grow a very large freelancing business.

We know how hard it is to find work, that's why we have designed FreelanceLeads to help you spend less time looking for work (and not getting paid!) and more time working (and getting paid!).

As a FreelanceLeads member, your daily work search will involve making a cup of coffee and sitting down to your "leads dashboard".

Join our customers who land large projects every day using the leads we provide!

You didn't get in to freelancing to spend all your time looking for work, did you?

Let FreelanceLeads remove the stress and hassle of finding your next project.

You can expect 15 high quality leads sent to you every week. These will arrive at random times spread out through the week. They will all contain a description of what the client is looking for and contact information. What you do with that lead, is up to you. We recommend emailing them an awesome proposal for your best chance of securing that lead.

Join the waiting list, we are accepting customers!

Keeping the amount of customers limited helps us deliver a better quality of leads. If you are interested, join the waiting list ASAP as it is the first place we go when sending out invites to customers.

Usual wait time is around a few weeks.

When you get a space and signup, here is what you will get:

1. Hundreds of websites monitored for freelance projects by hand every day. If you did this level of job searching yourself, you would be losing 10 hours a week! Throughout the week you get an email with your curated leads (15 a week), and you can login to our dashboard at any time to view them.

2. ALL of our leads come with contact information, so you can get in touch right away. They are also "curated", meaning a REAL PERSON decided if the lead was suitable for you.

3. Each lead will come with a description about the project that client needs done. This means you know exactly what the lead wants before you even get in touch - awesome right?


We offer a 48 hour money back guarantee. Why not sign up, try our leads and see if it's right for you?

Remember, when a place opens up we choose straight from the top of the waiting list. If you want to use our service soon, join the waiting list today!